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Ceramic Pot


Master Potter, exhibiting artist and practitioner.

Ceramics & “Creative Design” Beginners to Advanced Ceramics & Pottery Processes.

Having lectured in Art & Design at Monash University and in the US, Rick also worked as an outside assessor for MFA candidates for over 10 years. With a significant background in art & design/ education (30years) – an emphasis is placed upon developing the individual and their creative potential.


His experiences range from lecturing and exhibiting as an artist, to working as a production potter, to completing an MFA in interactive sculptural works and installations, to drawing, fine art painting, design technologies and also performing live as a professional musician and making clay instruments.


With a significant passion for all things MUD, inclusive of clay and glaze physics and chemistry, Rick explores innovative approaches to hand building and wheel work techniques... where nothing is impossible.

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